Watch Stabil-Eyes™ inventor Jim Ackerman demonstrate just how Stabil-Eyes can make your outdoor and sports stadium binocular viewing experience so much more enjoyable and meaningful.


1-hand or no-hands, stable viewing for extended periods without fatigue.

Then "stow-n-go" when your adventure calls for quick reactions.

When you become a backer of this innovative new approach to glassing with binoculars, you'll help launch a product that can give hunters, hikers, birders, bikers and anyone who uses binoculars for any reason a sensationally superior viewing experience.

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You'll LOVE Your


Never Again Lose Track of that All-important Sighting

Now you can instantly deploy your binoculars atop this chest-mounted, telescoping, monopod that provides extended, comfortable glassing sessions without arm fatigue and shaky views

Say Goodbye To Bulky, Space-sucking Tripods

You no longer need to carry, take out, set-up, take down and re-stow a heavy tripod that slows you down and is awkward at best.

Hands-Free Viewing & 1-Hand Adjustments

Conveniently and comfortably focus your binos with just 1 hand. And when it comes to viewing, flat or uphill glassing can be hands free. Downhill is easy with 1 hand keeping your binos close to your eyes, with gentle, 3-finger pressure, comfortably at the bottom of your monopod, instead of wearily, bent-elbowed with your arm up holding the binoculars.

Enjoy unparalleled, quick-reaction repositioning ability

Shifting position with a tripod can be a real hassle. With Stabil-Eyes, just turn your body and pick up your new sight. No need to move, adjust, re-level and re-aquire.

Spot & Move Faster

Deploy and stow your binos on the move and never miss important sightings because you have to break down stow and re-set-up that awkward tripod.

"I'm calling our crowd-funding backers "Visionaries", and that's YOU!"

I really appreciate your ability to see the vision, and your willingness to do your part to help us get Stabil-Eyes™ into production. Just as if we were going through Kickstarter, we will NOT charge your card until we reach our goal. This is an all or nothing proposition. If we hit our goal, Stabil-Eyes WILL be produced and you'll get this incredible new way to use binoculars. If we don't, your card will never be charged, your privacy and data will be protected and we will NOT save your card information either way.

PLUS, as a "Visionary" backer, you'll be entitled to special recognition, gifts and offers, exclusively reserved for our Visionaries.

SAVE 20% 

with Your Pre-order Backing

$247.00 $197

We're confident you'll find Stabil-Eyes a real game changer when it comes to viewing with your binoculars. But YOU'LL Never know until you try it for yourself.

So… we're giving you 1 full year to put Stabil-Eyes through your paces. Get out in the field. Use them through multiple seasons in all kinds of conditions. We absolutely believe you'll be convinced it really does cure "Shaky Bino Syndrome" and the arm and eye fatigue that goes with it, along with making you more mobile and faster reacting in the field, without the totin' trouble of hauling, setting up, taking down and packing around a bulky tripod.

But, if after a full year of trying it on for size, you decide that Stabil-Eyes isn't everything we promise, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price, including return shipping expenses.

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